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Welcome to MexicoIn the past is has been extremely difficult to get a straight answer from Banjercito in Mexico on how to cancel an unused Vehicle Importation Permit WITHOUT having to take it AND your vehicle to the border. But it actually can be done, and’s friend Paul, of Mexico RV Forums, has figured it out. Below you can find the information he has shared with Mexpro.

As you may or may not know, it is very important to cancel avehicle importation permit upon exiting Mexico when re-entering the U.S. from Mexico. But there are some instances where this can be very difficult.

  •  Situation 1…The vehicle was stolen or destroyed (as in a vehicle accident) in Mexico. Or, in the case of a 10-year RV permit, the vehicle is not in Mexico when the permit expires.
  • Situation 2…When the vehicle importation permit was ordered online and then never used (the vehicle never crossed the border).

If you find yourself in one of these situations click here to go to for detailed information on how to remedy this situation.

For More Information on Mexico Vehicle Importation Permits go to

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  1. jean

    my truck came in to Mexico in 2007 and i have never crossed back. still have same tags, stickers etc but now have perm resident visa……….any advice from you all? my truck is old and so am I and i could never drive it to the border from southern Mexcio……..thanks


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