Camping through Mexico

July 13, 2012 by
Categories: Mexico

CampFrom wild undeveloped beaches and lush sprawling farms to scenic national parks or even a person’s garden, camping through Mexico and Central America necessitates a varied adventure and often results in interactions with ordinary people that you may not find on more conventional road trips.

Even planning a camping trip across these countries requires a different strategy. Though there is valuable information online, especially via blogs, you cannot fully plot out your routes or book reservations in advance.

Mexico has a more developed infrastructure of campgrounds than the seven Central American countries, and with some flexibility, vehicle and tent camping locations are surprisingly abundant (though a relatively uncommon pursuit once you cross Mexico’s southern border). Some camping options will be purely functional one-night layovers, such as at gas station truck stops or car parks. Longer stops give the chance to explore, climb volcanoes, swim in lakes and oceans, or wander the region's cute colonial towns.

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