Camping on the Beach in Baja California, Mexico

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Camp @ Pte. San FrancisquitoChoose camping on Baja's beaches for a vacation that includes sun, sand, whale watching, surfing and fishing. Camping facilities, whether on the western Pacific coast or the eastern Sea of Cortez, vary from undeveloped sites with no amenities to fully equipped campgrounds and RV parks. While the Transpeninsula Highway provides accessibility to most of the area, camping on the beach requires careful preparation of vehicles and supplies.

Camping on the Sea of Cortez

Also known as the Gulf of California, this sea supports more than 6,000 species of marine life, including 900 kinds of fish, making its beaches prime destinations for fishermen, divers and seafood lovers. Camp and rent a kayak on the beaches of Bahia de los Angeles, Bahia Concepcion, Loreto or La Paz, all prime paddling zones. Watch humpback and blue whales, whose breeding ground is along this coast.

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