Buying Mexico Insurance Online vs. At the Border

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Avoid having to wait in line at the border

We have all heard the old adage “time is money,” but what about while you are on vacation? When you buy your Mexico insurance policy online, you can head straight to the border crossing, without having to stop off and get in a waiting line to be helped at a roadside insurance office. Getting quotes and purchasing your Mexico insurance online is easy to do, and the whole process can be completed, at any time of day, in just a matter of minutes, with no waiting.

Online comparative quotes can you save money

When you get online comparative quotes at, you are provided with a variety of reliable insurers to choose from, and there are also additional options for supplemental coverage, such as: travel assistance, increased medical payments or vandalism coverage. Shopping online for your Mexican insurance is not only easy to do, but it also gives you greater flexibility, and the capability to customize your policy’s coverage to suit your specific needs. By electing to buy your Mexico insurance online, you can rest assured that you will be able to get a great deal on the cost of your policy, without having to sacrifice the quality of your coverage.

Eliminate potential language barriers

Not everyone who goes to Mexico for vacation is bilingual, but as you get closer to the U.S. – Mexico border, you may encounter more people who speak Spanish as their primary language. Whenever you are trying to setup an insurance policy with an agent along the border who speaks primarily Spanish, and you speak only English, some confusion is likely to occur, and you run the risk of getting a policy that may not be correctly setup to meet your specific needs. When you buy Mexico insurance at, the online inquiry form, quote summary details, insurance application, policy terms and conditions, proof of coverage documents, and claims instructions are all provided in both English and Spanish, allowing you to choose whichever language you prefer. The Mexican Insurance Professionals at also have qualified and experienced bilingual agents that can handle your calls, answer your coverage questions, and provide customer support, in either language.

Know from whom you are buying and what you are getting

Before you hand over any of you hard earned money in exchange for a Mexico insurance policy, it is best to do a little research. Deciding to just stop off at some random insurance office along the way to purchase a cheap policy may not be in your best interest. Be sure the insurance company you are dealing with is reputable, reliable, and financially stable. Most insurance professionals rely upon A.M. Best  to provide independent third-party evaluations of insurers and their ability to fulfill their insurance obligations. Choosing to work only with a companies that have secured at least an “Excellent” rating (A-, A, or better), is a great step towards selecting a policy that you’ll be able to depend on, should you ever need to file a claim. Too many people have tried to save a few bucks by purchasing from insurers that have fair, marginal, weak, poor, or no ratings at all, and then ended up being disappointed with the handling of their claims, customer support, or the timeliness of their claims being paid.