Border Security May Hold Up Immigration Reform

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Categories: Border Security, Immigration Reform, Mexico

Jan BrewerArizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer recently expressed her dissatisfaction with immigration reform on CBS’s Face the Nation, stating that “we need a secure border first, and then move forward.”

“I feel very, very strongly about that. I think the people, certainly, of Arizona agree with that,” she continued.

Brewer expressed concern that “people 3,000 miles away (are) making decisions affecting our lives on a daily basis.” Brewer feels that the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona is being infiltrated by drug cartels. And also hinted to past Republican presidents failing in border security leaving the issues of today.

“We are the recipients of all the crime that has taken place. Extortion. Human trafficking. The prostitution. The cost in jails. It’s a bad problem,” she said.

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