Beauty Behind Closed Doors: Oaxaca Art

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Categories: Mexico

Oaxaca!!I have a thing about doors in Mexico and I have a special passion for rundown doors with little holes that I can peek through to see the building inside. To me there is nothing more beautiful, mystical and magical than seeing nature retaking its space behind a deserted doorway. Being read books like The Enchanted Forest and The Secret Garden when I was a young girl undoubtedly inspired this love and mystical intrigue.

To me there is always a childlike delight in discovering the secrets behind doors; that wild essence of nature regaining its rightful place. This love is so strong that I could probably offer tours of the deserted houses and best peepholes of Oaxaca. So imagine my surprise and delight when taking my sister to see my favourite peephole that the door I intended to peep through was open and an art installation had taken over the space! Someone else had seen the beauty I saw in this elegantly, crumbling building and they had opened it up to the world.

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