Basic Mexico Retirement Guide

March 1, 2010 by
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The Basics of Retirement in Mexico by Shelter Offshore

Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular option for people thinking of retiring abroad, due to its warm climate, beautiful beaches and increasingly excellent facilities. Mexico enjoys fantastic weather all year round and all the modern amenities you are used to in the UK...but it's not been as popular with British retirees as it has been with our American baby boomer cousins, which is why we're going to take a closer look at it for your consideration today.

The first main decision when planning your retirement in Mexico is whether to live within a community of expatriates or to live among Mexicans in normal towns and cities. This is a personal choice depending on what kind of retirement you have planned and how confident you are about integration. Living in a community means everyone will speak English and you will have no immediate need to learn Spanish for everyday life. But for those who want to integrate themselves in to Mexican life, living away from a community offers a more authentic experience.

Retirees have many options when it comes to deciding on a location to live in Mexico - because the country is vast and diverse, beautiful and welcoming. For those who love to be by the sea, Mazatlan, Acapulco or the famous Mayan Riviera are just a few of the many choices available. Or if you wish to be nearer to the USA, Lake Chapala and Ajijic are ever popular with people who wish to travel in to the USA for shopping and site seeing. Many may prefer to embrace everything Mexican and live in more traditional surroundings, in which case Oaxaca offers wonderful scenery along with city living.

The decision to buy a property instead of renting property in Mexico depends whether retiring in another country is something you wish to do on a full or part time basis. It may be wise to rent in the first instance to be sure you are happy with the area and the amenities. It is not a legal requirement for retirees to live permanently in Mexico in order to own a home there.

Mexico has excellent health care facilities, many of which are inline with and sometimes partnered with facilities in the USA. Health care is not free in Mexico though, so expatriate medical insurance is a must.

Due to the cost of living in Mexico, you may be able to have a considerably better standard of living for your retirement. Your money may stretch further and in turn you may be able to enjoy luxuries you didn't think possible. Housing and maintenance costs are much lower in Mexico than in the UK and many of the usual expat retiree haunts in Europe which means you can afford more than you may think.

There is a never-ending abundance of things to do in Mexico, from sports and leisure to history and culture. Golf is a popular pursuit for example, and there are many superb courses to choose from. If you are more adventurous, there are many opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and camping. Which Tent have a vast selection of camping equipment and everything else needed to start your outdoor adventure.

Retiring in another country can be an exciting and life changing decision, Mexico has so much to offer and the variety of lifestyles and living choices are all on offer for you to create your dream why not take a closer look.