Baja Documentary About Food: Expedition Baja

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PomegranatesThe documentary " Expedition Baja " shows us the journey of 2,000 700 km on a motorcycle that lasted for 24 days, in which the trip was from Tijuana to the southern tip of the peninsula of Baja California, where Miguel Angel Guerrero, chef and hunter, makes his annual gastronomic journey that included scuba diving, fishing, and cooking during the day to share dinner night after night with his fellow travelers and friends that he would meet at each location he visited.

The Baja documentary film shows extraordinary recipes that highlight the freshness of its ingredients, and the characteristic touch of the Creator of the BajaMed kitchen. Expedition Baja is documented by the photographer, documentary filmmaker, and visual artist Leon Felipe Chargoy, winner of “La Diosa de la luz” (The Goddess of Light) in 2006, so the film is not only a gastronomic delight but also visual one.

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