Baja California Sur Safe or not??

July 29, 2012 by
Categories: Baja, Safety

baja_moonWhat we all should know is that the escalating drug war and gory media reports of violence in Mexico is hurting the overall country and is keeping the tourist at bay. The over zealous U.S. State Department’s travel advisory of Mexico is not helping matters, but more to the point, killing some of the most rewarding destinations areas that are clearly not even named in the government travel advisories. For example, Baja California beach resorts such as Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, or the colonial hill town Todos Santos are all being affected. Todos Santos is a small town tucked among rolling hills with nearby surfing beaches. The town is a haven for expat artists that have flocked there for years not to mention the location of the very famous Hotel California owned by American Debbie Stewart.

The main issue is people are lumping all of Mexico; a country the size of Western Europe, as one in the same for safety.

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