Baja California Celebrates First Urban Composting Center

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Baja CaliforniaBaja California -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Border Environment Cooperation Commission and the Municipality of Tijuana today celebrated the opening of the Urban Composting Center in Tijuana, Mexico. This is the first center of its kind on the Mexican side of the border region. The compost center will produce about 150 tons of compost in its first year which will be used to plant trees and nurseries throughout Tijuana.

The center was funded through a $73,000 Border 2012 grant to Tijuana Calidad de Vida, a non-governmental organization, creating a partnership with Tijuana’s Municipality to develop landscape grade compost from landscape cuttings supplied by the municipality. An additional $20,000 under the new Border 2020 Program will be used to increase municipal capacity and raise community awareness on the benefits of composting and a path to zero waste. Using less materials, reducing toxics, and recovering more of the materials used, creates a more sustainable community.

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