Mexican Antiques: Up and Down the Coast of Baja

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Categories: Mexico

SOLD: Rustic Mexican shelfAny collector of antiques can find happiness in Los Cabos. Up and down the coast, there are plenty of antique shops, outdoor vendors, and more, all selling beautiful pieces at affordable prices. If you care about the quality of your antiques, then you will want to be selective with your purchases, particularly when buying from outdoor vendors. For many, however, the only thing that matters is getting a great-looking piece, whether or not it can actually be classified as “antique.” No matter which category you fall into, you can certainly find what you’re looking for in Los Cabos!

One of the big items that people come to Los Cabos for is furniture. Some buyers simply can’t get enough of the unique rustic pine furniture, the colorful hand woven-tapestries, ceramic tiles, rich brocades, and forged iron rod pieces that Los Cabos is so famous for.

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