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Paisano season is upon us. Many Mexican countrymen are returning home for the holidays and driving. Today 12/16 and tonight, traffic from N. Laredo to Monterrey was bumper to bumper. Tomorrow expect less traffic, but still congested. Tuesday, ditto. Allow 5 hours to get papers at Bridge II. Allow 3 hours at Columbia Bridge. Reynosa - Anzalduas bridge much faster. Matamoros bridge was congested today, expect same tomorrow. Los Indios fastest crossing.

If you are planning to cross at any border crossing in next few days, you will find this site useful. Has traffic wait times going both ways. These times are NOT wait time for permits, but are a good leading indicator, as I used to say when I was a Wall Street tycoon. http://palotrolado.com/city/matamoros.

Thanks Mike for the update!