A Trip Back in Time - to Rural Mexico

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San Carlos CoastBy Jack McGarvey -- Despite all those scary stories I’ve been reading and seeing in the American media about how dangerous and violent Mexico has become, I’m always eager to head south of the border.

It’s because rural Mexico reminds me of a simpler time. Like the recent trip I took to the town of Ortiz, a journey that took me back to my childhood, growing up mostly poor but also mostly happy in rural western Pennsylvania.

And so, I recently headed off on yet another trip south, with a first stop across the border at San Carlos, in the Mexican state of Sonora. Via the Internet, I’d rented a small house there at a seaside resort that caters to middle-class Mexicans, Americans and Canadians. I spent a few days in the area, hiking along San Carlos’s rugged shoreline, catching thrilling glimpses of diving seals, dolphins and seabirds and exploring its tidal pools.

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