3rd International Puerto Vallarta Motorcycle Assembly

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MotorcycleFrom November 15th through 18th, hundreds of motorcyclists from Mexico and all over North America will arrive for the 3rd annual Puerto Vallarta International Motorcycle Assembly.

"Las 69 Ovejas Negras" (The 69 Black Sheep) are the organizers of the event, and it will take place in the field located beside Puerto de Luna, at the intersection of Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio and Fluvial Vallarta.

According to one of the organizers, Odin Aguilar, the event began in 2010 and, due to its success, is coming back for its third year.

As part of a series of activities - which are created with the support of several sponsors - there will also be events scheduled on the beach. The intention is to generate future vacation traffic from the gatherings.

Some of the scheduled events include: live rock bands, a parade on the Malecon, a sightseeing tour, biker girl contest, and many other fun activities.
Local authorities do not foresee any issues with the event as most of the attendees are responsible professionals who drive carefully, caring for their own lives and those of others.

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