2013 Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico

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UntitledWritten by: Mexperience
Published: Saturday, February 2, 2013

“How much will it cost to live in Mexico?’ This is one of the first questions asked by people planning to live, work, or retire in Mexico. The precise answer varies widely and depends upon your lifestyle choices and expectations.

Mexperience has just published a fully revised and updated 2013 Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico. This guide explains, in detail, the prices and costs for a wide range of products and services that most expatriates and those visiting Mexico for extended periods will seek to purchase when they live here. It also includes a number of overlooked costs which people often forget to include in their budgets, sometimes with significant consequences when the actual costs are compared with prior estimates.

A key feature of the guide is the detailed price table featuring over 230 items commonly purchased at supermarkets and pharmacies. This detailed table of food, groceries and pharmaceuticals enables you to make direct comparisons of prices in Mexico for grocery goods and everyday items you buy with their cost in your home country.

Click here to purchase & download the Mexperience 2013 Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico.