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Mexpro Mexico Homeowners and condo insurance is different than most Mexican Homeowners insurance programs. How? In three main ways:

  1. First, unlike traditional Mexico homeowner's insurance coverage that can be spotty, confusing, and in Spanish, Mexpro has partnered with ACE Seguros to provide a truly unique policy that you can understand. How? Simple, the policy was designed like a traditional U.S. homeowner's insurance policy (called an HO-3 policy), the policy is in English, and if you take your homeowner's policy and compare it to your current U.S. homeowner's insurance policy, you will find it almost reads the same, and has similar sections. Our customers love this, because it simplifies an otherwise complicated and confusing purchase.

  2. Second, Mexpro Mexico Home and condo insurance is that because of its U.S. style coverage, coverage is typically broader than a traditional Mexico homeowner's insurance policy. Most Mexico home insurance policies list what's covered. If whatever happened is not on the list, you're not covered. On top of this you will find a slew of exclusions. On the Mexpro Mexico home insurance policy the cause of loss is covered if its not excluded. The difference is subtle, but important.

  3. Finally, there is no waiting to get your quote. Like other Mexpro products you can quote and purchase your policy online in minutes. Despite the better coverage and ease of getting their policy most of our customers find that our rates are extremely competitive. If you don't have Mexpro Mexico Homeowners insurance it's just because you haven't gotten your quote yet. Don't wait, start your quote now!

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By covering your property with Mexpro's home owner's insurance policy, you will tremendously increase the coverage you currently have from local insurers in Mexico!

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